DPM Azure Recovery Services Agent Crashing

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Update: We did start having dependency issues after updating the MARS agent. It appears that the agent now depends on the management service. Not getting errors anymore though so we reset things back to normal. Stuff below is just for posterity.

DPM 2016 deployments have been filling up my error logs with crash reports for the Microsoft Azure Recovery Services Management Agent. Turns out that’s the statistics agent for the Azure dashboards that don’t work on the LTSC releases of DPM (http://blog.teknikcs.ca/2019/02/21/dpm-protected-items-dont-appear-in-azure-vault/).

**System Event ID: 7031**   
         The Microsoft Azure Recovery Services Management Agent service terminated unexpectedly   
**Application Event ID: 1000 **   
         Faulting application name: OBRecoveryServicesManagementAgent.exe  
**Application Event ID: 1026**  
         Application: OBRecoveryServicesManagementAgent.exe   
         Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.  
         Exception Info: System.AccessViolationException  
                    at .CTraceProvider.TraceToErrorFile(CTraceProvider_, DLS\_TRACE\_EVENT_)

Disable it if you’re on DPM 2016 or DPM 2012. No impact that we’ve seen.