Why? Who?

For reference this isn’t a personal portfolio, yet. It’s more a list of ungoogleable errors, issues, and solutions. Maybe the rare gripe or trick.

With that – I finally cracked, I got tired of digging through an endless stream of rotted bookmarks and old tickets. What better way to document a descent into madness than starting with a SIP interop problem! We all know the feeling of googling something and finding a single lonely result.

Everyone here right now – Image Courtesy of XKCD (https://xkcd.com/)

So here I am, and here’s the error that finally prompted me to put this blog together.  I’ve got a backlog of bizarre problems to share so here’s to you! Good luck fellow googlenaut!

ERROR : SIPIntf_sip.c:1828 : errorCode:(-13)Not_Found (sipintf_sip_dvc_call_answer)
WARNING : SIPIntf_RvCallLeg.c:781 : errorCode:(-13)Not_Found (SIPIntf_CallLegStateChangedEvHandler)