Error 0x8009030E Trying to Migrate VM in System Center VMM

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Things to double check when working with live migrations in VMM 2016:

Error (23008)

The VM BlahBlahBlah cannot be migrated to Host due to incompatibility issues. The Virtual Machine Management Service failed to establish a connection for a Virtual Machine migration with host ‘’: No credentials are available in the security package (0x8009030E).

  1. Double check that hosts were setup with the correct Kerberos delegation settings
    1. Ensure it’s set to Kerberos only, others say this doesn’t work but I *think* that they were just too lazy to wait for the ticket refresh. You just have to wait a few minutes after doing klist purge -li 0x3E7 to clear the computer account tickets on each host and it will start working. No point disabling a security feature out of impatience.
  2. Double check that our VMM management account was setup under Host Access > Host management credentials > Run As Account.
  3. Double check that hosts are configured to use Kerberos as their Live Migration method