IPECS ES-3052G Actual Full Manual

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Any time I’ve needed the manual for this switch it’s been an absolute pain to find. Last time I had to dig around in some sketchy .ru open directory.

Manual: ES-3052G

Fun Facts:

  1. This is the 1044 page, published in 2012, bona fide user manual
  2. This is not just the datasheet
  3. This is not just a random 350 page rip
  4. This is for the ES-3052G / ES-3052GP
  5. I don’t remember how to do a reset if you forgot the password. Comment if you know, otherwise just don’t forget it. Manufacturer guidance for lost passwords is “Don’t”.

Helpfully available at https://fccid.io

System Defaults:

Serial: 115200 8,N,1 Management VLAN: 1 IP Address:

Username: admin Password: admin